In this article we bring you a simple and easy to do tutorial on how you can download BarMagnet IPA on your iOS devices with the need of having to jailbreak your device. Torrents are one of the main elements in anyone’s computer nowadays because we all need to download stuff from the internet for free. But some times we also need to control our torrents while we are away from the computer and thus apps like BarMagnet come in handy and are extremely useful in actuality.

BarMagnet helps you in controlling the torrents that are being downloaded, uploaded or queued and helps you save a lot of time since you can remotely control everything from your iPhone X. Yes, that is the best part of the complete scenario here that BarMagnet is an independent app and is totally compatible with iOS 11 and the latest iPhone X.

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BarMagnet iPA:

The only thing that might be considered a hindrance by some users is the independence of this app, meaning that the users need to Download BarMagnet iPA instead of downloading and installing it directly from the Apple app store. The latest BarMagnet iPA version has many great features along with the facility of sideloading the unsigned iPA file without jailbreaking your iPhone X. Jailbreak is also a hassle when it comes to many things which you would want to download but in case of this app, you can simply Download BarMagnet iPA without having to jailbreak your smartphone.

The latest BarMagnet iPA app has its own personal web browser which gives you freedom to even order torrents with this amazing app. Moreover, all the users who have purchased iPhone X would have to get their hands on the recent version of the said app because iPhone X is running on iOS 11 and therefore anyone with iOS 10 would have had gotten rid of the previous BarMagnet app. In order to take advantage of the latest version, you would need to download BarMagnet iPA and install it on your iPhone X and have the best time one could with having all the control over your torrents in the computer, remotely.

AndroidiOSpack brings you an exclusive tutorial to explain how you can download and install BarMagnet IPA with it’s recently released update with all the features mentioned above. So let’s get started.

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How to install BarMagnet iPA on your iOS devices:

Step 1- Uninstall previously installed BarMagnet iPA latest released update on your iPhone

Download BarMagnet File

Step 3- Download Cydia Impactor on your computer.

Step 3- Open Cydia impactor after connecting your device with the computer.

Step 4- Drag and drop the downloaded file of BarMagnet iPA onto Cydia Impactor.

Step 5- Provide your Apple account details for verification purpose before further actions.

Step 6- Installation shall begin on your device and once completed you will see Instagram icon on your device’s screen.

Step 7- Now go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and locate the profile with your Apple id and then tap on the Trust button.

That’s it. You have successfully downloaded and installed the BarMagnet iPA on your iOS device.

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