The notification badges on icon apps are annoying for many and at the same time advantageous for others. These badges indicate the number of unread/unattended messages that you have on respective apps. It is a red circle with the digit/number of unread notifications on the app icon.

All android apps do not support this notification badge option but most of them do. This makes it even more irritating when you don’t have the information on each app’s icon. Doesn’t matter really if you want notification badges on all apps or you don’t want them altogether on an of the installed apps. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 has included the option of notification badges popping up on app icons as the unread messages pile up but it’s not working perfectly since all the apps on Android are not supported by this option. As we said earlier that it gets pretty annoying to see the notification badges on some of the apps while others are not functional per say.

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So far there has been no official statement or solution from the said company in lieu of resolving this issue and thus we have taken matters in our own hands and come up with a solution that may prov temporary if we get to have a proper troubleshooting on company’s behalf.

How to disable notification badges on app icons in Galaxy S8:

Step 1 Download Package Disabler Pro (PDP) (Samsung) from Google play storeThe app is priced at $ 1.75. 

Step 2 Clear all the pre-existing notification badges on app icons and then open the downloaded PDP app.

Step 3 Enable device administration by typing in your password in text field and then tap on ‘Enable Admin’.

Step 4 Tap on ‘Activate’ on the next screen right at the bottom of it.

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Step 5 While scrolling down locate Badge Provider and check the box right next to it.


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