Storage space is something we are always worried about when it comes to smartphones because nowadays we have a great load of media to collect and then clutter our Android smartphones with many files we do not even want or know that they exist in our device. Most of the Android smartphones which are being manufactured these days come with the minimum default memory of 1 GB and in addition to that, one can get an SD card to increase the memory size of the phone. The problem here at hand, though, is not the shortage of storage space in our phones, but the unnecessary and unneeded duplicate files that keep piling up in our smartphone’s data storage so one has to delete unwanted duplicate files.

Users are mostly inclined toward deleting extra files to get rid of the burden on the storage capacity but they are often forgetful of the fact that duplicate files are still in existence and they do occupy space nonetheless. The size of the duplicate files is the same as the original one but the name of the file is always different that the one which is the original thus making it a cumbersome task to delete the duplicate files manually. One would have to spend a bucket load of time in determining which duplicate file belongs to which original one and then make decision of erasing it for good or not. Therefore, it is always advisable to take help from the best if you are adamant to delete unwanted duplicate files, which is an Android app for this very purpose: Duplicate Files Fixer.

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Duplicate Files Fixer is a user friendly app with an easy going user interface and giving the use many options to locate the desired and then delete duplicate files by either choosing the Full scan or scanning the duplicate files individually for a more selected inventory for deletion. The files may vary from video to music to plain audio to pictures to gifs to documents and whatnot, Duplicate Files Fixer would scan it for you and leave you with more space in the smartphone after you delete unwanted duplicate files.

Excluding specific files and folders

First things first, there are files and documents, at times, that we do not want to mess with like system and software files and thus such duplicate files mustn’t be kidded around with. The same way we do not want to delete specific duplicate files no matter what and thus the app gives you the option of leaving such files or folders altogether out of the scanning process. All it requires is that the user simply place that specific folder or files in the ignore list and they won’t get scanned for deletion when the app starts its cleaning procedure and you would save time by not deleting duplicate files which are mandatory.

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Grouping in order to delete unwanted duplicate files:

The app would show you the duplicate files in a group so you do not have to go through each and every file before making a decision. You will see all the same files in one group and would be allowed to tick the box next to each duplicate file which you desire to be removed from your device permanently. This way you will have the peace of mind that you did not delete an important or a mandatory file from the smartphone and you will know for certain to only delete unwanted duplicate files.

Previewing before deleting:

This is also a cool feature of this app where it shows you the preview of what your system would look like after you delete duplicate files permanently. This is also an efficient and a reinforcement on the fact that the app doesn’t want you to erase system or software duplicate files which are essential for the smooth running of your Android smartphone and other apps. If you approve the preview, the app will take a next step and lead you to deleting the unwanted duplicate files clotting your storage space.

Deleting files from Android smartphones:

Duplicate Files Fixer is great at locating duplicate files of every format in which audio, video and documents are saved in the device. There is always more than one format for saving any type of file and this app wouldn’t let you down when it comes to hunting the wild. The greater news is that this very app won’t even let the hidden files go unseen and it searches and scans all the invisible duplicate files that take up space in your Android smartphone leaving you with lesser storage for more things to stuff your device with.

Download Duplicate Files Fixer on Google Play

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