Mostly Tablets and Android phones storage space is at bonus but now Samsung is working to offer 128GB as standard storage on Galaxy Note 9. Once storage will start to fill up, you will be restricted for whatever you want to do on your device. By this, you can manage your storage by deleting cache rather than deleting your own files. Here is the complete guide about how to delete Galaxy Note 9 cache and it’s an easy one to do and very comprehensive.

Well speaking about this, the cache files are beneficial too as they make your device work faster. Evening having a huge storage, it has some stuff messed up so, in this case, you can delete the cache. For gaining space without deleting your own files, follow the steps below.

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 How to delete Galaxy Note 9 cache:

Here are few steps to delete the annoying Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cache and get your mobile’s speed a lot more faster.

  1. Switch of your device by power button.
  2. Next boot the device into recovery mode by holding and pressing Volume Up+Bixby+Power button.
  3. Now wait till recovery boot screen shows up. Then release buttons and use volume button for navigating through menu and selecting the wipe cache partition.
  4.  Use power key for making the selection and then navigate to Yes option and choose it.
  5. When done with clearing of cache, reboot the phone to normal mode.

All your cache of the Note 9 is cleared. Sometimes it’s not only about how to delete Galaxy Note 9 cache but also the applications cache in the Galaxy Note 9 could be the problem, so here how you do it.

How to delete Galaxy Note 9 Application Cache:

This guideline will allow you to delete the cache manually for one application.

  1. Open settings of Note 9 and Application Manage or Applications.
  2. You can see all running apps on Note 9. Open the app of which you want to clear cache.
  3. Click storage button. Now you will see two options, clear data and clear cache. Choose clear cache and reboot your device.

Application’s cache will be cleared. Goodluck!

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