Whatsapp is not only an app for sending text messages through internet, anymore but it has many other facilities in recent updates like making video calls, voice calls, recording voice messages and whatnot. The recorded message option is quite handy for those who do not want to engage in long typing errands and wait on the replies. Or it is handy for those who can not write a message due to circumstantial reasons like while driving or when in a rush.

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However, the icon for the voice recording is just next to the ‘Send’ button and many a times it has happened with most of us that the recording button gets pressed by mistake and the recorded message is sent without your consent or intention. So far, Whatsapp has not introduced any feature where the app would ask for your permission or at least confirmation before sending the unplanned voice message. All we can do is to deactivate the usage of microphone for Whatsapp in iPhone and that feature will automatically be disabled too.

How to deactivate voice message recording feature in Whatsapp in iPhone:

1 Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone.

2 You will be shown a list of apps which use the facility of microphone by default.

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3 Find ‘Whatsapp’ from the list and turn off the toggle switch right next to it. 


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