With all the boombastic features of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, AMOLED panel for an almost vivid display is an artful one. The colours are bright and true, not true in the real sense but sharp enough to give goosebumps. Everyone to his own, there are many users who would rather have a little toned down display for their phone. May it be because of a personal preference or for some specific purpose, Samsung made sure that users could easily modify their display colours to their accord.

How to customize display colours in Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+:

1 Go to Settings >> Display >> Screen mode.

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2 You will be faced with a list of options to choose from for your particular preference.

3 You can choose among Adaptive display, AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo and Basic.

4 Lastly, you can choose ‘Colour Balance’ from the list to reach your desired colour manually.

Many users have found the screen display to be too ‘reddish’ for their liking and that can be promptly adjusted by changing values for the primary colours in ‘Colour balance’. Moreover, a system update is due in a few months which would bring better grip on colour balance for the users.

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