Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ has one of the most sought after features every teenager and even adults would love to get their hands on; Secure Folder. Yes, it is a folder completely segregated from the rest of the device. Once you have created this folder, you can add apps in it which will be, again, totally separate from their regular version and all the data and files in the secure folder app won’t be available for viewing in the regular version.

Moreover, you can manually move pictures and documents from other parts of your smartphone to the Secure folder and enjoy your privacy at the fullest. The login details are also a different entity when we talk about the apps installed in the Secure folder.

The user name and password that you use for a regular version app won’t work for the same app installed in the Secure Folder. You will set new login details for Secure Folder apps and all its content shall always remain hidden from the eyes of the user himself or any other person for that matter.

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The same goes for Samsung Dex which is a device that lets you treat your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ like a desktop computer i-e. a large monitor screen, a proper mouse, big keyboard and whatnot. You can actually use your smartphone like a desktop and that’s only awesome. If you have a Secure folder in your smartphone all set up already, then that is grand. Otherwise you can do so later directly in the Samsung Dex interface.

How to create Secure Folder in Samsung Dex:

1 On the notification shade you will see the gear icon for phone’s settings, tap on it.

2 You must locate ‘Lock screen and security’ in the settings menu and tap on it.

3 Scroll down until you come to ‘Secure folder’ and tap on it for creating a Secure folder in your device.

4 Use your Samsung account login details and agree to the terms and conditions (of course without reading).

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5 Lastly you shall choose an unlocking method for the Secure folder from Samsung Dex and it doesn’t necessarily have to be different from the one you use for unlocking your smartphone.


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