iPhone latest iMovie app is jam-packed with outstanding features. There has been some addition to iMovie app for Mac, but the features added in the mobile version are next level. You are going to love editing your movies on your mobile phone with iMovie app. The mobile editing app is simple, effective and efficient, yet it is important to know the basics before you proceed to higher levels.

To edit a movie, you first need to create one. We are going to start with teaching you the basic way of creating a new project, importing videos, photos and finally turning all this into a movie. Once the movie, you can edit it as much as you want to. You can test and flaunt your editing skills. We will be telling you about these editing tools, but for now, let’s focus on the basics.

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Create a Movie Project with iMovie app:

To create a project, tap on the Create Project icon present in the Project viewer tab. Here, select the movie option. There is another way of creating a movie and that is by choosing Trailer option. This Hollywood-style movie trailer is an excellent, automated way of creating a movie.

Browse Your Media with iMovie app:

To make things easy for you, iMovie will directly take you to the Moments in your photo gallery. There you can pick pictures, videos that you want to incorporate in your movie. To further enhance and improve your search, tap on the media icon located at the top left corner — if you are in portrait mode– of the screen. Here you will see three option, Albums, Videos, and Photos. Choose accordingly to your needs. If you are in the landscape mode, the Media browser is available on the left side of the screen.

Video is your best option for making moving pictures without using stills. You can drill down to your favorite pictures in different albums. Look for things in recent items or you can see all the videos in your photo gallery. If you have created a photo album, you can access that too.

 Select Your Videos and Photos with iMovie app:

Above we have taught you how to browse your entire photo and video library. Now let’s focus on how to select these videos and photos. To see an enlarged preview of a photo, tap and hold for few seconds. This will give you a better image of the picture. Once you have decided upon the photos or videos that you want to add, all what is select is to select them. To select these pictures or videos, tap on the thumbnails till you see the blue check mark icons.

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In only video album the preview will change into a mini-timeline. This lets you scrub through the video without playing it. A thumbnail will follow your finger showing you all the frames of the video.  To preview the video, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on the video to highlight it.
  2. Once highlighted, you will see a play button.
  3. Tap on this button and the video will start.

A thin yellow bar will be present on the videos that are to be imported.

Create Your Movie Project

After selecting your desired videos and photos, it is time to create the movie project. This step is easy and simple, tap on the Create Movie button located at the bottom. You have created the video.

Note: Videos are imported as their actual length, while photos may import in 4-seconds. This mostly depends on the type of transitions you have used. It can take somewhere between 3-6 seconds. The movie is ready, you can play around now. Delete clips, move them around, cut them, make changes and undo these changes, add more media. We are sure you are going to have fun turning a simply iMovie movie into an amazing video.

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