Keeping your Play Station clean is an imperative step. You would not like to use a dirty handset nor would you want to heat your device because of dust. The interesting thing is that keeping your Play Station clean is very simple and easy. There are a certain set of instructions that you should follow to keep your Play Station VR cleaned.

We can assure you that these instructions are easy to follow. You won’t have much trouble doing them. They might be simple, but they for sure are effective. So, without any further delay, let’s get to the point.

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Cleaning the System of Play Station VR:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is ensure that your system is clean. We suggest that you select a can of compressed air. Use it to ensure that the vents located on the processing unit don’t get choked up with dust.  Also, use them to clean the lenses of the VR headset. Both things are very important especially when you are trying to clean your device. They also have an effect on the system’s performance.

To use the can of compressed air, follow the steps that below.

  1. Start with gently squeezing the nozzle of cans while they are point towards the vents or any place where you see dust build-ups.
  2. After cleaning the vents, give your device a quick over to ensure there is nothing left on the main console.

The second step is important for those who have their system on a glass entertainment rack. Reason being that dust is in love with glass, so we suggest you check it after every few days. Doing this will make sure to keep your things clean, free of dirt and debris. If you have a pet, it is a must to check your device every 3rd or 4th day in order to avoid pet hair. Their hair can cause some performance issues as they might block the vents.

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Microfiber Cloth

The second that you will need to keep your PlayStation 4 clean is a microfiber cloth. This is another effective and amazing piece of cleaning equipment for your device. This is a must especially when you want to wipe away any dander or dust that has made home in your device. Use the cloth to ensure that everything is neat and clean. One is tempted to use a wet cloth, but we highly recommend not too. Using a wet cloth might leave some moisture in the device and this is something you should avoid.

No one wants to choose a dirty Console

Any person in the right mind would not like to touch the VR when it is dirty and full of dust. Even though you people are sharing a VR, you still would want it to be clean. Looking at a dirty VR is going to turn you off. We suggest that you give your VR a solid wipe after each person uses it. These will remove any dirt, sweat or makeup that has prompt itself on. This will help you keep the console clean and prevent germs transmission from one person to another.

The best part of microfiber cloth is that you can use it anywhere, anytime you like. If you want to clean the top, you can use it. It is excellent for cleaning the bottom and sides of the box. Doing this will remove any dust that has been accumulated over time. The rules for using the microfiber cloth are the same as for the cans, we suggest you use them every 3rd or 4th day. Doing this will prevent any further dust accumulation.

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