We bring you an exclusive tutorial to explain how you can check if a device you are planning to buy is actually certified by Android. Buying a smartphone now a days has become one of the toughest decision. With so many smartphone makers coming out every now and then with ever new designs, latest updates and new features. People ought to take time now a days to think before they go ahead with a specific device. Most people  only look at the features, design or other prominent aspects which also and always are worth looking for but we tend to ignore the technical aspect of a device. For example as mentioned above we barely bother to check if your smartphone is Android certified which is one of the most important factor in any Android device. As without that you won’t be able to access the Google Play Store which is one of the main and most used feature of any Android device. You won’t be able to do anything if you cant really download or update any application in your device, can you?

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GMS Program (Google Mobile Services) is an exclusive service by Google with Android devices where the smartphones producers should sign up to install the important Google Apps (GAPPS) and other services for latest updates. The specific device has to pass the CTS (Compatibility Test Suits) according to the terms and conditions written in the Android’s CDD (Compatibility Definition Document) for each Android device to be launched. This test is very essential as the Android operating system is an open source so this keep a strict check on every device to be launched by it’s manufacturer.

Due to Google trying to enforce it’s GMS, blocking the access to it’s GAPPS (Google Apps) for any uncertified GMS device was a big step taken recently by the tech giant. Some manufacturer might not pass the CTS test and still might be selling their devices in the markets. But there is nothing to be worried about. We bring you a small tutorial on how you yourself can check if your smartphone is Android certified by following these easy step below. So let’s get started.

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How to Check if your smartphone is Android certified:

Step 1- First of all what you need to do is to visit Google Support web page.

Step 2- Look for the heading ” Full List of Supported Devices” and under that heading you will see two options, View as PDF and View as CSV.

Step 3- Once you open/download this page, you will be able to see the list of devices which are able to open Google Play Store which means they are Android certified and have passed all the Google Mobile Services tests for Android devices.

Step 4- You will need to find your device from this massive list of devices which are Google Play Store Compatible.

Press Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS)


Command+F (MacOS)

and then enter your smartphone name.

If your device pops up on the list by doing the above steps means that it is certified by Android and is able access Google Play Store. You can go ahead and buy the device if you were planning to buy but wanted to make sure it’s authenticity.

That’s it. It wasn’t so hard to Check if your smartphone is Android certified. Good Luck with your purchase. Hope this tutorial made it easier for your to decide what device you are going to purchase.

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