This piece of writing is not going to be any tricky tutorials, but more like a quick advice for all the second hand product buyers for how to be cautious before they are going to buy a second hand iPhone.

We have all bought second hand mobiles in our lives. I have a personal experience of buying second hand iPhone 6s plus and i still remember the fear i had inside me when i was buying it. You don’t know if it has been stolen or not. You don’t know if after few days it will be locked and you will never be able to use it again.

We are writing this piece to tell you how to find out if the iPhone is stolen or not before you buy it.

Apple initially had a tool in it’s settings where you were able to tell if the iPhone is stolen or not, but it has been taken out recently.  So here is your only option left before you buy a second hand iPhone.

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CTIA which represent American mobile industries and companies has set up an online tool on their website which will work with GSMA device check service to help you find out if the iPhone you are about to buy is stolen or if its legit. All you will need is the IMIE number of the iPhone you are about to buy. 

All you need to do is go to the page of which the link has been provided in above paragraph, click consumer and then enter the IMIE number and it will tell you if the device is legit by giving you the information about the buyer and the location. 

The CTIA website also helps you with tips about how to keep your iPhone safe. 

Here is what CTIA has to to say about their stolen phone hacker online tool

The service provides the wireless industry with the definitive, single source of real-time lost or stolen mobile device data. Using multiple source databases, the Stolen Phone Checker helps consumers, commercial organizations and law enforcement agencies in the US to know if a mobile device has been reported lost or stolen. This information is useful to anyone thinking of buying a used mobile device. 

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