No matter what your age, buying or getting a new smartphone always leads to palpitation of your heart and beginning of a new journey. A brand new smartphone’s settings are a thing of joy to explore and make the most of it and some times, to make less of it. And in this article we are going to tell you about the very important 5 things you can change in your brand new smartphone in 2018. Yes, that is true because factory released smartphones come with many built-in functions that we do not use or need to begin with. There are certain functions to be deactivated in your new smartphone settings that will surely make your overall experience a lot better and faster.

We have compiled a short list of 5 things you can change in your brand new smartphone in 2018 but only for the better. These are strictly not to say useless functions but in all honesty they also don’t bring a lot of ease and betterment at the same time so one is better off without them in the long run. Let’s have a look at these 5 functions to deactivate or amend. 

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Number 01- Changing the pre-set ringtone:

Who wants to listen to or hear the same ringtone on every smartphone? The answer is a no brainer because we all know that all the pin pack smartphones have a default ringtone making it very monotonous. Gone are the days when there was not much choice to set a ringtone of your choice but only choosing from the options given was the way out. Now you can have any ringtone you want, may it be one of your favourite songs or a theme music from a popular TV series. Zedge is the hottest name in this regard where you can find almost any ringtone you might be looking for.

Number 02- Deactivating touch response vibrations and sounds:

Touch screens are a norm now and a smartphone is incomplete without it but the sensations prompting when the screen is touched like particular sounds for imitating real button pressing is absurd in most cases. Vibration as a touch response is even more awful and there is no harm in deactivating these functions. The worst part about these default settings is that they are more of a hindrance than help as in battery is wasted when touch responsive sounds and vibrations are initiated, and for what? For giving us an ugly imitation. Some things are only good when natural not synthetic. All you have to do is go to Settings >> Sounds >> Other sounds >> you shall see an array of options to deactivate such as touch sounds, touch vibrations, screen lock sounds, keyboard sounds etc.

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Number 03- Disabling pre-installed unused apps:

All the smartphones come with some pre-installed apps either by the manufacturer or the carriers and it is highly unlikely that the users would be using all those apps. The only purpose such apps serve is taking up unnecessary space in the smartphone and it is better to deactivate useless functions and apps in your phone. Another thing is that you can not permanently delete these apps unless you device is rooted but still you can disable them and save your device’s RAM and battery because many times these apps run in the background without our knowing it. For disabling unused apps you will have to go Settings >> Apps >> you will choose the app you wish to disable >> App information >> Disable.

Number 04- Deactivating keyboard vibration while typing:

Nobody wants to feel the vibrating sensation of the keyboard while typing because it is only a distraction and the worst kind of annoyance. This also does not serve any ulterior purpose but only takes down the battery life and making the smartphone slower as time goes by. This is actually a useless function and one can deactivate it without feeling guilty. For doing so all you have to do is go to Settings >> Language and input >> Virtual keyboard >> you will have to choose your keyboard >> Preferences >> Keyboard vibration and keyboard sounds deactivated.

Number 05- Getting rid of auto-correct:

If it is too harsh to say that auto-correct has destroyed many lives, it is equally too mild to state that auto-correct is a blessing. It is always a nuisance when you are trying to write some thing and the moment you start a new word the previous gets replaced by another completely different word, thanks to the over efficient auto-correct that replaces words to its own accord. It is nice to have suggestions for when you are typing but auto replacement of the words is simply a blitzkrieg. You can easily deactivate this function by going to Settings >> Language and input >> Virtual keyboard >> you will have to choose your keyboard >> Keyboard settings >> Text correction >> Auto replace deactivated.

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