All the iPhone users know that how important it is to have an Apple id for various purposes of verification and submission. The protocol for having an Apple id is mainly a third-party source where you are connected with your email account on Yahoo, Google, Hotmail or the like and that email is used as your Apple id. Recently Apple has taken a step forward and has made it a possibility for Apple users to shift their third-party email to iCloud, which is one of the Apple domains.

Apple has given the basic official outline of the process for shifting your Apple id from Google, Hotmail or any other third-party email to Apple domains like, or The switching of the domain, however, makes it irreversible. Before, if you had an Apple id with Google, you could switch to Yahoo and vice versa and later on if you wanted to revert to your previous email service you could do that. In case of shifting from third-party email to iCloud or any other of the Apple domains, you are wavering your right to switch back to your old third-party email id. The change is permanent, how much ever may it sound like an oxymoron.

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There are two ways with which you can make the shift from your third-party email to Apple domain, either by using one of the iDevices or by using your Apple id account page. The process is not a lengthy one and very easy to follow for both the options. The only pre-requisite for the commencement of the process is that you sign out of every iDevice and Apple service that engage your Apple id. After that, you are good to go.

If you are using an iPhone, iPod or iPad for making the switch, all you would have to do is go to Settings >> Name (your name) >> Phone numbers >> Emails >> Reachable at >> Edit >> Delete your current Apple id. After that you have to click on Continue and type in the new Apple id that you want to use in future and lastly tap on Next.

The second option to change your Apple id being the Apple id account page brings us to the steps where you will have to launch the official page and sign in with your credentials. You, then, shall go to the Account section and click on Edit. You will see your current Apple id there and you shall click on Change Apple id and then click on Continue. You will be required to type in the new Apple id that you want to use in future and lastly click on Continue again.

The feature is a great one and many have endorsed it yet there are a lot of users who are still unable to take advantage of this recent activity. This may or may not be a bug but wider idea is that Apple’s latest facility is not available for now in all the region of the world. The popularity of this idea is gaining strength and we can hope that sooner tan later every Apple user would be able to shift the third-party email to direct Apple domain.

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