Mail apps in Mac are always built-in and pre-set for you and they are undoubtedly good. But for some reason if you don’t want to use your Mac Mail app as ‘default’ then it is not a worrisome issue. 

When you run the third-party email clients on your Mac for the very first time, they will ask you if you would want to make them as your default email app but at times they don’t ask for some reason. Or in other case may be you missed the opportunity of saying ‘yes’ at that moment.

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Changing your default app to another one manually is not a big deal and is easily done. You have to follow the following instructions and you can choose an third client app as your default Mac Mail app.

How to change the default Mail app in your Mac:

1 Open the Mail app selecting ‘Preferences’ from the menu.

2 Click the ‘Default email reader’ drop down list. All your installed email apps will be shown there. Choose the one you want to use as default email client in future.


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