Change Default Email Client for Mac

The Mac(Macintosh) is another famous brand of Apple Inc. Mac belongs to the series of the personal computer with all features. But here we are discussing the default Mail app on your Mac computer. By default, Mac has a pre-installed email client with decent mail app and it also has safari as a default Mac browser.

But if you want to use another mail app like Microsoft Outlook, Airmail, Gmail or Mozilla Thunderbird then you can change Mac default email client of your Mac computer. When you run 3rd party mail app on your Mac for first time, it will ask you whether you want to set this app as your default client app or not. But if you missed that opportunity then the app will not ask this again. But luckily there is another option available and you can set your default client manually. 

The process of changing default client is a little bit different but you can do it easily just by following these steps.

Step by step change the Default Email Client on Your Mac:

Step No 1: Open the Mail app and select Preferences from the Mail menu.

How to Change the Default Email Client on Your Mac MAC Apple Email Clinet

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Step No 2: Click the General button on the toolbar at the top to make General screen active On the Preferences dialog box.

How to Change the Default Email Client on Your Mac MAC Apple Email Clinet

Step No 3: Then Click on the “Default email reader” drop-down list. By default, all email apps installed into the “Application folder”.Select an app from the folder list.

How to Change the Default Email Client on Your Mac MAC Apple Email Clinet

NOTE: If you downloaded an email app in a .zip file and you already extracted the app to a folder other than the Applications folder, you can choose Select from the drop-down list to select that email app. However, you should put the email app into the Applications folder, just like any other Mac app. Then, the app will be available in the Default email reader drop-down list.

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