Do you know how to avoid Windows 7 login password? OR How to Bypass Password in Windows 7 Login

If you have an administrator account but you do not have the password this means that the Windows 7 built-in administrator has been enabled and a password could not be set, but you can now avoid the Windows 7 login screen with the prompt that is in safe mode.

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In Windows 7, there are 3 types of safe modes that you can choose; test mode, safe mode for network connection and command prompt. In order to make good use of the command prompt in order to avoid the Windows login password, only the third one can be selected.

windows 7 login password
Step 1: Restart your Windows 7 computer and press F8 to access Advanced Boot Options.
Step 2: Choose a fail-safe mode with the command prompt on the next screen and press Enter.
Step 3: In the Command Prompt window, type net user and press Enter. Because of this all Windows 7 user accounts will appear in the window. It is enough to find the login user who has already appeared again and again at the Windows 7 login screen.
Step 4: You need to remove the Windows 7 login user password with the net user command.
For example, if the login user is “isunshare”, just type “net user isunshare” in the command prompt window and press the Enter button three times. The Windows 7 login user password will be deleted. After, you will have to restart your computer so you can avoid the Windows 7 login password in order to log in.

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Note: You can enter the net user “net user isunshare 12345” command to create the Windows 7 login user password that you already know. When you restart your Windows 7 computer and see the user, you only need to select and type a new password to log in to Windows 7.


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