The world has gone crazy after PUBG Mobile, it seems that the players love the thrill of battle the excitement of killing. Of course, when you kill you should be dressed accordingly as well. How will a killer look in a pajama? If you are looking for ways to Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG mobile you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about how to Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG Mobile.

The first time you make an appearance in the game, you will have to wear what is available at the drop point. Whatever is lying around, you just grab it and wear it, which very different from the original PUBG Mobile. You can even take away clothes of the people you gun down, however, if you are searching for a way via which you can have some good and permanent outfit, you should read on. There are a couple of ways through which you can Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG Mobile.

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How to Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG Mobile

Below we did mention the methods that will let you Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG mobile.

Buy and Get Clothes in PUBG Mobile Via Battle Points:

Just like the original version, the clothes in the mobile version also come from loot crates. These are the crates that you buy using Battle points. We know that earning battle points is difficult, but you earn them to spend.

You will have to buy 700 BP for a loot crate and the subsequent purchases are going to cost more. This pricing will change at the end of the week. In case you want to revamp your character’s appearance, change its look to suit the new outfit you will have to pay 3,000 BP.

You will mainly get BP income at the end of the match, that to depends upon your scoring and performance. However, there are other couple of ways through which you can generate some BP income.

Daily Sign-In Rewards

As most games, PUBG mobile also offers rewards in exchange for daily signing in. All the player has to do sign in every single day and get rewards. The rewards vary from week to week, but there is always a possibility of you getting some clothes this way.

Besides wearables, you will get more Battle Points. You can use this BP in order to open more loot crates and see what they have to offer.

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Daily Missions

The daily missions are nothing out of the ordinary. Some of you might be familiar with them as a Daily quest, yet it is a good way to add some colors to your daily play session. Besides the thrill, you also get vitality stars.

Every time you complete a daily quest, some vitality stars are given in exchange. Once you meet a certain threshold of vitality stars, you can open Daily crates. It is most likely that you get XP and Battle points when you option daily crates, but every now and then you might even get loot crate.  You still can use the BP to Buy and Get Clothes in the game.


Unlike Daily mentions, we don’t know the exact number of events that are going to take place in PUBG mobile, but it is an effective way to earn Battle Points. Another thing weekly sign-in awards are separate from the daily sign-in awards. For example, if you log in on the third day of the week, you will get its reward instead of what was offered on Monday or Tuesday. In case you want to get the reward that you missed out, you can get it in exchange for some Battle Points.

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