In this tutorial, we explain how you can build Ultimate Kingdom in Caravan War game. When it comes to strategy games, we are a fan of Caravan War. The game offers everything that you might want in a strategy game. We don’t know about you people, but we sure are in love with what it has to offer.

Building the ultimate Kingdom requires hard work and proper knowledge. This is exactly what we are going to do here, we will provide you the complete guideline on how to form your kingdom in Caravan War. You need to build towers to slow your enemy down and eventually kill them.

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Caravan War is a game that offers a format where the users are to build their own buildings and town. This medieval cartoon based fantasy game is perfect for war lovers. To become the richest and the most powerful, you will have to ambush each other caravans.

There are certain things that you need to know regarding building your own Ultimate Kingdom.

Build Ultimate Kingdom in Caravan War:

Complete Knowledge Regarding your Units in Caravan War

You need to know about your towers as well as the set of minions. The tutorial might not provide you the complete details regarding the strength and weakness of everything. Nonetheless, for a head start you need to have a look at the bandits around you. Keep a check on their attitude, as this will help you strategize and plan your towns.

In order to proceed and make your mark, it is imperative that you keep your fighting force up to date. You will have to keep it healed all the time. In addition, you need to upgrade the force whenever the opportunity arises. Keeping your forces up to date will help you ahead of everyone else.

You also need to be tactful when setting up your minions. Yes, towers are important, but what is more important is having the right set up a strategy for your minions. You should keep the armored ones in the front, whereas the high ranged archers should be kept somewhere in the back.

Play the Campaign Mode in Caravan War

To play through the campaign mode, you need to ensure that your units are fully charged up. Having an underpowered unit is not going to be of any help. Also, in the campaign mode, you will be receiving some loots as well. Since you will have to struggle to pave your path through the chapters, therefore you need to upgrade your units. Being underpowered is not going to help you in any way.

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An interesting thing about completing chapters is that you tend to unlock new and enhanced towers. Doing this does add to your strength in the game. Once you unlock different towers, you need to be careful about their placement. Towers are also like minions, they come with their strength and weakness, thus you need to deploy them according and use them to their best possible advantage.

You need to study where the caravans are packing, for instance, if they are coming with a big force, you won’t get time to properly study them. Studying an enemy before you are able to engage them is imperative.

Use your Buildings and Keep them up to date

To stay in the game and to keep up with increases ambushes, it is imperative that your entire unit is up to date. For the unit to be up to date, you have to keep your towers up to the mark and for that, the buildings play an imperative role. If you have up to date buildings, they are going to have an excellent impact on your overall unit. These buildings need your attention from the very beginning.

Send your caravans on a trade mission to ensure that the buildings have a steady flow of funds. You will need a lot of gold especially when you want to upgrade your building. There is always a possibility that you other players attack you on your trade mission, but it is okay. They will not be able to rob you blind. You will be left with something and having something is better nothing having nothing.

It is also important to keep the trade mission active regardless the fact that you are playing the game all the time or not. This is an important step in the caravan war.

Advantages of Ambushing

Whatever you will get at the end of a successful mission can be seen at the top-left corner of the screen, even before you decide to engage. After ten ambushes, you will get even better rewards as compared to the usual chests.

You do not have to worry about losing and learning about the units is more important than winning against the enemy.

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