Back in iOS 10, Apple developers came up with an API that added the Caller ID and Spam Call blocking functionality to your iPhone’s calling app. This time, Apple has taken the concept one step further. Now the messaging App of your iPhone has the ability to filter the messages for you. This concept will block iPhone SMS Spam for you and will keep your message inbox neat and clean.

We bring you this very short and simple but a comprehensive article below on how you can block iPhone SMS spam on your iOS devices running on iOS 11 operating system. 

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SMS Spam Block

An important question here is which SMS spam blocker to use. There are multiple SMS spam blockers out there block iPhone SMS spam, so it is very difficult to choose the correct one. Most of these apps do a pretty decent job. However, we personally recommend VeroSMS.

You will have to enable the app manually by going to settings of your iPhone. Like the call blocking feature, the SMS filtering feature also requires you to tell Apple that you want VeroSMS or any other app to filter the messages for you.

You can either use a third-party spam blocker of Apple’s built-in. The Apple’s Spam blocker is not active by default, you would have to go to settings and tell your iOS that you want to enable the SMS filtering feature. VersoSMS is the perfect spam blocker, it is privacy first SMS blocker. It protects your data while it filters it. The app is free as long as you add your own keywords. But if you upgrade to premium version you can enjoy features like whitelist keywords, crowdsourced backlist and much more. The upgrade is only for $0.99.

How to enable the blocker:

  1. Go to Settings, and open the Message section.
  2. Tap on the unknown and Spam option.
  3. Here you will see VeroSMS app, enable it from the pop-up.
  4. Head back to the app and you will see two sections, first whitelist, and second blocklist.
  5. To add keywords to either the section, tap on Add keywords.

Where does the Spam Go?

After you enable the app, you will see an SMS Junk section at the top of the conversation screen of in Messages App Tap on it and you will see all the spams messages there.

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