If you know the right place in Fortnite, you will be able to find battler stars. They are simply located between the circle of hedges, a rock sculpture, and a vehicle tower in Fortnite. All you need to know is how to go about searching the right place.

If you are still waiting for your Fortnite Mobile friend code? You don’t have to worry, plenty of us are still standing in the queen. However, you can enjoy the game on your PS4, Xbox, and PC. Especially, now that season 3’s grinds are on, you would not like to miss out on anything. Seven new weekly challenges are presented you away in order to get the Battle Pass crowd. These challenges include finding hidden spots, killing in specific locations and dealing with damage. The idea is to test your knowledge regarding the game and its map.

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 Below we did come up with the new weekly challenges of season 3
  1. You will get 5 battle stars if you do 500 damage to opponents using a sniper rifle.
  2. 5 battle stars for searching the Flush Factory to get your hands on 7 Chests.
  3. 5 battle stars for searching 3 supply drops.
  4. Get 5 battle stars for visiting 5 different ice cream trucks.
  5. Hard Challenge: You will have to search between the circle of hedges, rock sculpture, and a vehicle tower in Fortnite. Doing this will get you 10 battle stars.
  6. Hard Challenge: Get 10 battle stars by completing one trap elimination.
  7. Hard Challenge: 10 battle stars for eliminating three opponents in tomato town.

As you already know, you just need to do 4 challenges instead of all the 7. We are going to explain how to complete the first hard challenge. You will be surprised how easy it is to search the circle of hedges, rock sculpture and vehicle tower in Fortnite to find the battle star treasure.

Circle of hedges, rock sculpture, and vehicle tower in Fortnite location

If you are looking for the Battle Star treasure under rocks, you need to look again. You are going to find them in a pond, however, you won’t be able to see it in the distance. To get the stars, get your feet wet. You will have to walk very close to the location, in case, you are unable to see it, we suggest you jump around. Doing so will bring forward the battle star treasure.

To reach to the pond, you will have to get down from the battle bus at the southwest corner. We say this because then you won’t have to run all the way to the other side of the map. You will find it at the far southwest corner of the map, so landing right after the before the match, means the storm will be there as well. Thus, you will have to fight not only the storm but also kill the players in order to proceed. However, there is a positive side to it as you might not have to fight a lot of players to complete the challenge.

Exact Coordinates of Vehicle Tower in Fortnite:

Edge of grind H9, at the southwestern end of Moisty Mire, is the exact coordinates. The Rock sculpture and the battle star spawns will be north of you on a hill. Since there are more than just in the watery area around, thus you will have to roam around a bit in order to find the right pond. You will have to finish the match in order to register the challenge completed.

That is all, you now have completed at least one hard challenge and that too in a couple of minutes.

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