If you want to have a backup of your data in case of your lost device, damaged or ever replaced, then you have to back up your iPhone and other Apple devices. You can also transfer your backup data and information to your new iOS device. Normally people don’t care about backup.

Backup IPhone Data With ITunes, ICloud And Other Methods

There are multiple ways of making a backup of your iPhone devices’ data. You just need to find out the best method for your device backup.

1. How to Backup iPhone and iPad Using iTunes

Using iTunes for backup and sync is a simple method. iTunes stores the backup on your Mac or PC. It encrypts the backup by default. iTunes gives you control over what exactly you want to sync.
Connect your iPhone to the PC (it starts to sync and backup everything from your contacts, SMS, app data, music, photo, and videos).

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Or if you do not want to connect your iPhone to PC, Enable Wi-Fi sync from your device screen in iTunes.
Tap on the backup button on iTunes when you’re working, and the iPhone will do the rest. Syncing device with a computer is not same as creating a backup. You can sync your iOS device with only one iTunes library. And you need to start again if it gets corrupted. The iTunes backup method is complicated for many users.

2. How to Backup iPhone and iPad Using iCloud

Storing backup in iCloud is the best method. But the problem is that you can get only 5GB free space. You need to buy space on iCloud. You can buy 50 GB of data space for just $0.99/month. 50 GB is enough space to backup your complete data with photos. If you enable iCloud backups, then it takes backup of your device itself to the cloud every night.

Open the setting app (to set up iCloud sync)>select iCloud and turn on iCloud Backup.
Turn on iCloud Library from the Photo section.
Your important information will never be lost because all data is saved on cloud storage, and you can access it from anywhere, iCloud will automatically back up new data when it’s charging at night.
Although iCloud takes backup of all your data including photos, contacts, device settings, ringtones, app data and Homekit configuration etc. But it does not include following things

Gmail and other exchange mail data
Apple Information setting
Touch ID settings
Does not take the backup of Data that’s already stored in iCloud.

3. How to Backup iPhone and iPad using Alternative Apps to iTunes

If you don’t want to use iTunes or iCloud then you can use apps for Apple devices that use a manual approach to data sync and backup.

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iMazing or AnyTrans are the available apps, you can export or import data like photos and music. You can also export individual iMessage threads and back them up using a third source, iTunes doesn’t allow for things like this. You can buy these apps just in 30$.If your data is important and you want to keep all memorable pictures, reliable backups are worth the price. These apps also provide other options that iTunes don’t have like individually exporting and importing iMessage or WhatsApp chats, and exporting media from your iOS device.

4. Separate Backups For Various things

Maybe you find it difficult to take backup of large data with iTunes Backup. So you can also use other available options for this. Just download the apps manually and setting them up (including logging in and so on) every time you get a new iPhone or iPad, you can try backing on different kinds of content to different places.

But health data and iMessaging only save on iCloud because there’s no other alternative. But you use different options for photos’ backup. You can also Google photo if have a Gmail account. Or Dropbox to automatically backup all your photos. Documents in Office app will be backed up to Microsoft OneDrive automatically. You do not need iTunes when you use these approaches.

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Keep a Backup for sure

Always take care of your valuable data, because if you lost your iPhone or iPad device and your data go to in wrong hands then it can be a threat to you. So you should use anyone backup method from those above methods.


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