LTE is the most advanced form of wireless fidelity on your smartphones, which you all will call 3G or 4G in standard language and LTE services are not new in many advanced countries for the past few years now. VoLTE meaning Voice over LTE is a service that provides higher quality of sound and voice unlike 3G and 4G where you, at times, have to face distorted voice and unnecessary delay in voice. There was no point Samsung would have left out its smartphones from offering such features thus most of the devices coming from Samsung have this built-in feature of supporting VoLTE. All you have to do is to get the VoLTE ready sim and insert it in the phone and your service shall be good to go. You can use VoLTE calls on Galaxy S9 with this guide.

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Some times users keep jumping between carriers and not all the carriers offer VoLTE services therefore you might have to do it manually in some cases. On the other hand, some times the phones that you buy are unlocked and need to be activated. So this guide shall serve a general purpose but to activate VoLTE calls on Galaxy S9 would be serving the purpose in particular. Although we have chosen S9 as a working example but you can pretty much use this tutorial to activate VoLTE on any Samsung smartphone, almost.

How to activate VoLTE calls on Galaxy S9:

The process in not a lengthy one and it will practically take you to tap a few options and you will be good to go. First of all you will be required to open the Settings of your smartphone and tap on Connections from among other options. Next you shall tap on Mobile networks and put the VoLTE calls toggle towards ON. And you are good to go now. Saying this, some carriers give you VoLTE calls as default and thus you won’t be able to see a toggle going on/off for this very option. But if you have the toggle option, well and good. Otherwise who doesn’t want a good quality call over the phone.

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