We have been hearing about the Wireless charging for some time now. Every now and then a company complains that you can charge your phone wireless. It seems Apple might not have been the first one to come up with the idea, but it did manage to join the wireless charging trends. In this article below we bring you a comprehensive solution to charge your iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X with the help of Qi Wireless Charging.

To ensure that the user’s do not have to pay extra for a Wireless charger, Apple plans to use the common Qi wireless charging standards. But the question here is how does the Qi Wireless Charging work for the latest iPhone releases. 

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How does Qi Wireless Charging Works for the latest releases:

If you are using a Qi wireless charger, you don’t have to use a lighting cable to plug to replenish its battery. The Qi Wireless charging tends to use an electromagnetic induction.   In the Qi induction charging, the power that is transferred is via oscillating electromagnetic energy fields. These fields transmit the energy from charging coils in the Qi charging station to charging coils within Qi receiving device.

In Qi wireless charging, the Qi sender is the charging plate, whereas the Qi receiver is your iPhone or any other Qi-enabled device. Qi wireless charging tends to use a phenomenon that is known as a resonant inductive coupling. Through this coupling, Qi receiver and Qi sender are connected. Before the transfer of energy begins, the Qi wireless charging stations send in an initial test signal.

This signal will ensure if a Qi charging device is compatible and amount of energy that is required to recharge the battery of your phone.  Once the connection is done, the Qi station will keep charging your phone until it stays in connection with the other device. The wireless charging can take place even if you have put your phone in a case. However, a case over 3mm can affect the impact of your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X charging.

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Since the Qi station becomes active when iPhone is placed on top of it, so it is not emitting low-level electromagnetic radiations all the time. Also, once your iPhone is completely charged, the Qi charging discontinues. This is an excellent thing, as you do not have to worry about overcharging, nor do you have to worry about the constant low-level electromagnetic radiation in your surrounding all the time.

How to use Qi Wireless Charger for your iPad or iPhone

As long as your device meets the basic Qi specifications you can charge it using the Qi Wireless charging technology. Means, you can charge a variety of Qi-enabled devices with just a single wireless charging stations.

To charge your iPhone using Qi wireless charging, all you have to do is place your iPhone on the charging pad, it will then activate the charging connection and the charging will start. Once your phone is fully charged, the wireless recharging will cease.

We hope you liked this, if you still have any problem please do let us know in the comment section below.

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