How does Motion sense work on Google Pixel 4? People have been asking this question for quite some time. Pixel 4, an outstanding Android phone has become favorites of many. It offers outstanding features and among its top features is its Motion sense, located just right to the earpiece speaker.

The Soli radar offers outclass experience and amazing feeling. It has the ability to detect movement in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, the radar can help you do what you plan to do, depending on what currently is being done. Getting confused?

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Do not worry, in this article, we will tell you how monition sense works and what all can you achieve by this amazing feature.

What is Motion Sense?

First thing first, you need to understand Motion sense on Google Pixel 4. It is basically the radar-sensing feature, and you can enable or disable the feature from Settings. Head to settings, from there tap on System and then on Motion Sense.

There are two main parts of Motion Sense, first is Quick Gestures and the second is Ambient Display. With Quick Gestures, you can silence interruptions and skip songs. Whereas, with Ambient Display, you can reach to check your phone or see the display when you are nearby.

Since pixel 4 offers customization, thus it is possible to enable or disable every feature individually. All you have to do is toggle the respected feature on and off.

NOTE: Motion Sense does not work if you have the Battery Saving Mode enabled, or your phone is on Airplane Mode.

How Does Motion Sense work on Google Pixel 4?

Below are the features that it offers.

Skip Songs

We are sure, the name itself gives away what the motion sensor does, however, there is more than what it looks. Once you enable the feature, you can skip or rewind a song by moving our hands from left to right or right to left in order of the radar sensor.

The good news is that this option is not limited only to the music app, on the contrary, you can enjoy it throughout the amazing Pixel software. It is possible to control your music, regardless of the app you are currently using.

There is no specific way in which you should keep your hand in order to swipe. You can use the Karate Chop style or the flat-palmed style. Both ways, the sensor will give the same result.

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Silence Interruptions

Google does promise to deliver more in terms of the motion sensor, however, till now, Silence interruption thing that you can do with a motion sensor. You can use the sensor for lowering the volume in addition to completely silencing your phone.

The moment your hand comes near the phone, the radar would detect it and lower the volume of the phone call or the alarm. You can even snooze the alarm by using the same gesture as that of song skipping. Wave your hand in front of the radar and it will snooze the alarm for 10 minutes. Use the same gesture to silence the call, however, you can’t dismiss a call with the radar. We do hope that Google brings that in the near future.

Reach to Check Phone

This is another cool feature, bring your hand close to the phone and see the magic. The moment the radar detects your phone, it will lighten up your lock screen and display the notification icons along with the time.

In addition, if you have the face looking enabled, the radar will activate the two infrared cameras, thus making the face unlocking system more effective and efficient. The Soli radar is smart, it can differentiate between waving your hand and reaching for your phone.

So, when you reach out for your phone, it will not activate the wave gesture and vice versa. This feature is similar to a raise to wake. However, Reach to check the phone is much faster as it activates everything before you raise your phone. Whereas, in case of raise to wake, you actually need to raise your phone in order to see the display turned on.

Show Display When Nearby

You can enjoy this feature only when you have enabled the “Always on Display” option. When both the features are on, Pixel 4 will turn the display on the moment it feels your presence nearby. This feature improves battery life in comparison to always on-display.

However, you might find it irritating as the screen will lighten up the moment you are near it and you might think that it was due to an incoming notification. The rest, Motion sense is an amazing feature of Pixel 4.

We do hope that you enjoyed our article on How motion sense works on Pixel 4. Do let us know what you think in the comment section.

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