To compete with Shazam, Google came up with Now Playing feature in their Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The idea is that the features allow your phone to listen to songs constant for any music that is played in the background. Once it plays hears a song, it will display its information in the notification bar, the lock screen and the Ambient display of the phone. This is a highly effective feature especially when you don’t have time to Shazam and Google Assistants. To further enhance the appeal of Google’s Now Playing, a Show history feature is added. Google’s Now Playing Supports Show History Feature!

After performing an indebt teardown of the latest ambient services of a pixel, below is the string that allows you to show history.

<string name=”ambient_music_action_open_history”>View History</string>
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The bad news is although the feature is present there, but it is currently disabled. At least this is what a developer figured out while he installed APK on his Google Pixel 2 XL having Android 8.1 Oreo. The flag title ambient_music_enable_history controls the inability and disability of the functionality. You will see a button to see the history after the feature rolls out. We are saying that because the button code is present in the phenotype as NotificationActionBuilder method.

We are really excited about this upcoming feature. After all, we did believe that the lack of history display was a troublesome thing in the app. Some of the developers even came up with an app to display the song history. However, now that Google has managed to fix the problem, thus you no longer will require third party application for it.

Another important thing to note here is that the APK does not work well with Android P DP1. It is because the is not upgraded to support Android P. Although, we do hope that Google resolves this particular issue and Android Developer P Preview users are able to enjoy the APK fully. For other users they can enjoy Google’s Now Playing Supports Show History Feature on their Android devices.

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