It was high time Google had to start taking productivity apps seriously and luckily this is exactly what Google has accomplished recently. One of the features of Gmail had always been Google Tasks making it, in a way, easier for the users to compile list of their chores anywhere they wanted. The main problem was that there was not a centralized location where a user would have found all the tasks jotted down over a period of time. Google Tasks app would do exactly what was missing from the previous tasks option available in Gmail. The other good news is that these apps are readily available free of cost for both Android and iOS running devices.

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Google Tasks app is nothing less than its previous counterpart; Gmail tasks but if anything this standalone app is way better and easier to manage. The user interface is fairly easy to get used to and friendly in many ways. The array of tasks does not have to be a complicated thing but it is only the to do list that you have to manage and even easier is the way to add new items or chores to your already existing list or make a completely new one with just a few clicks here and there.

Google Tasks app; tasks added from emails:

One of the best features is that you can easily view added tasks in your Gmail side panel and not only that but you can also create tasks in Gmail from an email. hen creating a task from an email, now with this standalone app you can comfortably track the source email from which the task had been created in the first place.

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Google Tasks app; manage tasks variably:

You do not have to be using your smartphone necessarily in order to take benefit of Tasks app but you can create, edit, manage, change or delete a task from any device such as your computer, tablet, iPad, etc. It also works vice versa because in case you have created a task on your web browser in Gmail or the sort, you can very well view or manage it from your smartphone.

Google Tasks app; creating subtasks:

Adding your most important tasks and to do list things in the app is the core idea of this standalone app but at times we need to do a little bit more and add subtasks in order to break down the major tasks. You also can put in more details of your tasks and subtasks and edit or delete them as you need or require.

Google Tasks app; adding dead lines:

You can add due dates for the tasks added in the app to keep you on your toes and motivated for the completion of those things. You can also use the drag and drop option in order to set the priority on your added tasks. Not only that you also get to receive the reminders and notifications about the due date of your created tasks so that you may not be left behind on your dead line.

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