Generating revenue from Google AdSense is a great source of earning income and has acclaimed much popularity in the past decade but now we are facing an issue that can cost billions of dollars of loss in ad click revenue. eZanga, the fraud protection agency, has unmasked many an app on Google play store which are infected and in no way are harmless for the user’s device.

They are normally camera apps, cosmetics apps, live wallpapers and the like and the user doesn’t have any idea what these apps are capable of. The developers of these apps are using these malware apps for fraudulent ad click revenue generation which is completely illegal. The user does not know when such an activity takes place and thus has no control over it.

eZanga‘s ad fraud solution Anura has even monitored two wallpaper apps called Oriental beauty and lovely rose for 24 hours and came to the conclusion that these two apps kept requesting ads and even made clicks quite successfully. The point to be noted here is that the two devices on which these two apps were installed were in sleeping mode during the whole period of 24 hours and despite of this fact, the apps were able to take the initiative without the user’s contribution in anything.

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It is not only the two above mentioned malware apps but here are names of a few more apps with the same traits such as Livelypapir, Tuneatpa Personalization, Waterflo, FlameryHot, NeonApp, Goopolo, etc. Apart from these almost unknown apps, the famous Manager Pro has been showing the same corrupt behaviour but the officials have cleared already that it is only the cracked version of the app which is acting up in ways not acceptable. The official version, when downloaded properly from the play store is working just fine and has not issue at all.

These apps are creating problems not only for the users but mainly for the advertisers who are supposes to generate revenue through ads. One must think that the users is unaffected completely but this is no the case really. These apps drain the device’s battery quickly and the worse part is that they use your data and can easily access your camera. It is inevitable that your device would become infected and start acting up sooner or later and you might even share your details when in fact you never have intended to. The malware apps are capable of much malicious activity.

The ad click revenue is falling day by day because of such fraudulent activities and thus this has to be stopped. eZanga has announced that they shall inform Google about the latest horrific findings about the apps in their play store. We hope before the apps get to us, we should get to them and stop ourselves from downloading them at any cost.

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