Google Assistant is a blessing in disguise as it makes our life easier without we being overly conscious about it. This feature is, now, not only limited to Android but Google had declared its intention of bringing the Google Assistant to iOS some time ago.

Now it is actually a thing because quite recently Google has made Google Assistant available on App store for the iPhone owners in the United States. For now this facility is only for the US iPhone users and most probably it won’t take long before Google Assistant will be available worldwide for iPhone owners.

Google Assistant is in English at the moment, hence its official release in the US, but in foreseeable future the said app shall gain recognition in Spanish, Italian, Arabic, French and Japanese languages too. The more languages are incorporated with the Google Assistant, the better for the advancement of the said app.

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Android users have benefited from the Google Assistant in every way possible and most of it will be at disposal of iPhone users too. They will be able to control their technical devices such as TVs, lights, music players and any other device in compatibility with the Google Assistant. Moreover, you would have the option to either communicate with Google Assistant in writing or speaking.

Google has made Assistant pretty strong so that the actions of a user on Google will be controlled as well. As in third party apps shall be easily integrated with the Google Assistant. This feature is handy but not comfortable for everyone and we are sure this is not something default but enabling/disabling option will be there.

Last but not the least, since Google Assistant has been developed by Android developers, it works best for Android users. There will be certain tasks and actions that iPhone users won’t be able to perform or won’t get the best result out of it. That doesn’t mean Google will stop here. There will be updates and fixes every now and then. 


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