Fortnite Player has been waiting for a long time for Fortnite Chapter 2’s beginning. The Black Hole finally closes, and you can enjoy the beginning of Chapter 2.

Of course, the new version comes with enhanced features and better ways to get a battle pass. The game went black, however, it is live again. No one might know the exact reason, but we will talk about what we know.

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The last time the players were able to log in for around 6 a.m. EST that to briefly. So, we will be talking about what is new in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2: What is new?

It seems that the game did a lot of changes. According to what we can see, the game now has a brand-new map. According to the users who have been able to drop for a match or two, there are fewer buildings in comparison to the older Fortnite and there is also a significant decrease in the urban areas.

On the map, the player will be exploring around 13 different locations. The changes in the game seem to be huge, however, we do believe that the players will get use to them.   In addition to changes in the location, you will find better and enhanced weapons.

You would be able to upgrade the weapons via the material found in the world. The advance, challenge-based medal system will allow you to progress efficiently. The new Fortnite chapter 2 has boats, swimming, and fishing.

All of these things are real. Fishing can help you get to hold some amazing weapons as well as energy. If you are running low on the energy, catch a fish and enjoy it for your meal. The new season features the Stealth attacks.

Players are able to find in haystacks or the dumpster and wait for their enemy to come right in front of them. Players are really looking forward to this feature as they believe it to be a major wrinkle to combat. Also, the leaks regarding the gas tanks and explosive barrels are now confirmed.

The few players, who have played the game, confirm that new squad support is in place. You can carry your wounded teammates out of the line of fire and heal them via Bandage Bazooka. Lastly, you will see new emotes such as high fives. You will also come across new skins, dances, cosmetics and many more.

Price of Fortnite Battle Pass

You will have to pay 950 v-bucks for Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 Battle Pass. According to the website, the first battle pass runs through December 12 and your initial goals will net you about 1500 v-bucks.

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