In this guide we exclusively bring you the guide which will help you to download and install the smashing game FortCraft which has taken the World by storm. One of the very first APK was released for this game just recently which has also put FortCraft players into a frenzy who have been waiting for the game to come to Android device. Let’s have a look first at some of the features and qualities of this game.

FortCraft APK:

You can explore 13 new and amazing environments along with massive 16 million m2 map in this action packed game. Smash vehicles, building, and trees using your trusty hammer in order to make your way. Also, collect whatever material comes your way.You will be able to build all and every kind of on-the-fly structures. You see a river, you don’t have to worry simply build a bridge over it. Have mountains, make a high lander and get going.

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To go to new heights you can build towers and finally a solid fortress will help you win.You will be able to arm yourself with different weapons belonging to different classes. For now, there are 5 classes available namely sniper rifle, rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, and pistol. You will be able to use 12 unique weapons to protect yourself.You can completely eradicate your enemies using high-end and destructive weapons like flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and bazookas. This will give you a lot of pressure.

Customize mode is the most attractive thing. There are 3 modes available and you can make changes according to your need. You can change the transparency to create things, effective controls, positions and UI’s size. Nonetheless, the default settings are also amazing. You won’t like changing that as well.ForCraft APK offers ranked seasons, Gallery, Store, Looks, Streams, Friends, and chat functionality. Besides this, there are many other amazing secret settings too. You need to play and discover them. FortCraft APK update 0.10.104 has added new weapons, new fashion and new traps in the game.

Now let’s take you to our short and simple yet a comprehensive and an easy to do tutorial on how you can download FortCraft APK for any of your Android devices with the help of our step by step guide.

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How to install FortCraft APK on your Android:

1- First of all download the file for FortCraft APK 0.10.104 update for Android by licking the link below.

Download FortCraft File

2- Once you are done downloading, copy the APK file onto your Android Device.

3- In next step you need to install the APK file, and in order to do that from other sources you have to go your device’s settings >> security >> allow unknown sources.

4- Check the “allow unknown sources” option and it will let you install the files.

5- The installation process will start once you tap the Downloaded APK file.

6- After it completes, you are good to go and play your FortCraft.

That’s it. You have download the latest update of FortCraft APK.

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