Google Play Service is the application that we use many times a day. It is used to install applications and see whether any app needs to be updated. It has a issue that it drains your battery. Oreo users also complain about this issue. Fixing Google Play Service battery drain could be a little tricky but it’s not rocket science so anyone can do ita as long as you know how to do it. That’s where we come in. Here we bring you a short and simple yet a comprehensive article with few tips about fixing Google Play Service battery drain problem. So let’s have a look at some solution to this very common problem.

Fixing Google Play Service battery drain

How to Detect this problem of Google Play Service:

There is a good news that we don’t need to install any other app for detecting battery drain. Just visit Device’s setting and click on option of battery. When you will open this option, you will see the battery usage option on right side. Click and swipe down to see the usage. Google Play service should be using less battery than other apps, if not then its a problem.

Removal of Task Killers from the Device:

Many people install the task killers in order to stop unwanted processes but doing so, the stopped processes take more battery. So, uninstall these.

Reduce battery usage of Google Play Service by removal of Accounts:

If more than one accounts are connected to the Google Play Services, this is why battery is drained. Also Google Play requires to see your location for emails and notifications etc. So, it requires more battery. For removing account. go to settings then choose Accounts and remove account that you need to remove.

Sync Errors can be the issue:

When Google Play Service goes for sync data but is unable, battery is drained by this error. Also see for calendar, contacts and Gmail account for errors. Remove emojis on contacts. Turning off mobile data can also help. This will help fixing Google Play Service battery drain.

Applications request your location:

Usually applications require your location for which they use GPS so, enough battery is drained. Applications that ask for location, open them and switch off location permission. Visit Settings, then go to App info and choose App to open Permissions.

Third party application can also cause this so, try rebooting your device. Hopefully this information will help you fixing Google Play Service battery drain problem in your Android mobiles.

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