Millions of users have Snapchat app in their Android devices for the sole purpose of keeping every tom dick and harry updated about one’s personal life. The problem starts when you start getting ‘Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped’ error on your phone. There are many reasons that could lead to this problem such as Android’s old versions won’t support Snapchat and if you have had laid hands on one of the cracked versions then it is better to uninstall it and check your phone for any OS updates and then download and install the Snapchat app.

Moreover, some times when you install an update of an app, there are bugs that would compromise the smooth running of the said app. So it is advisable that you uninstall the update and try and find a week or two older version and install that one.

But for now we have stated a tutorial for the issue that is occurring on perfectly up-to-date OS and update versions and this is how you can solve this problem.

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How to fix the ‘Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped’ error:

(a) Re-installation of Snapchat:

This is not a Snapchat-specific solution but it works for all the apps downloaded and installed in your devices. Some times the apps we are using work perfectly until they become malicious and corrupted by virus or bug that we can not pinpoint. It is better, then, to uninstall the app and re-install it from the play store. Simple as that!

(b) Clearing cache memory:

This is another easy way to overcome the problem at hand by going to the Settings app in your device and tapping on Applications menu from there. You shall find ‘Snapchat’ in there and tap on it and next tap on ‘Storage’. There you ought to tap on the options ‘Clear cache and clear data’. After doing so, you should restart your smartphone and launch Snapchat.

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