Snapchat is used by millions of people around the globe and is one of the most admired and talked about social media application. It caters to both Android and iOS users and nonetheless most people go for Snapchat instead of other known apps for socializing purposes.

The difference between Snapchat and other applications is that unlike other social media apps, the pictures, videos, posts shared on Snapchat do not stick around permanently but disappear after a limited time. Not only that, some times the app itself tries to disappear from the users’ device by giving the ‘Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped’ error on the Android devices.

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No wonder how annoying this error would be for the avid Snapchatters and how badly they would want to fix this problem. We, therefore, have assembled a small tutorial for the said problem’s solution and it will come handy in future if the same error occurs on your device too.

How to fix ‘Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped’ error:

Step 1– First of all you will have to launch the Settings app and head towards the Applications tab.

Step 2– You will have to locate ‘Snapchat’ in the Applications section and tap on it.

Step 3– Next you have to tap first on ‘Clear cache’ and then ‘Clear data’.

Step 4– After clearing everything, run the Snapchat app again and it shell work smoothly.

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