HTC is an excellent mobile manufacturer, but it seems that the company was stumbling for the past few years. However, they did manage to get back in the competition because of their latest flagships. These mobiles offer solid battery life, unique features, attractive design, impressive camera, and top of the line specifications.

Also, to add an extra layer of security, most of the new HTC flagships come with water and dust resistance facility. All the above-mentioned features and much more are incorporated in HTC U11. If you are looking for a smartphone that has everything to offer, we suggest you get your hands on this amazing piece of technology.

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There is no doubt that HTC U11 is an outstanding phone, but like any other smartphone, U11 also has problems. There are a number of issues that are being repeatedly reported by users. Plenty of Verizon network users in the United States have been complaining about being unable to receive calls and messages on their HTC U11 devices. We bring you a brief and easy solutions to the problem. So let’s go ahead talk about the issue and give you some solution which might help you fix the problem. 

Unable to Receive Calls and Messages on Verizon

The unlocked version of the phone that is available in the US is supposed to be compatible with Verizon, but it seems that users are facing a problem, they are unable to receive calls or messages.

Potential Solutions

  • When it comes to not receiving calls, it is because of an older SIM card. We suggest that you go to Verizon and get a new SIM card of the same number. You will get this card for free and this most likely resolve your problem.
  • Swapping a SIM card will resolve the call issues, but the receiving text messages is another story. If you are among those who users, you would have to call Verizon customer service and ask them for assistance. They will then turn off the CDMA-less Provisioning, which might be the reason of blocked text messages.
  • Another reason might be that the unlocked phone is not properly activated on the desired network. Once you are done following the above-mentioned steps, you need to check the CSR and see if your phone is fully activated or not. Once it is, the phone should be working as expected.
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