To remain healthy, one needs to look after their health. Since technology has prevailed almost every aspect of life, then why should this be left out. Today we have fitness trackers that let us keep track of our heart rate, sleep quality, the number of calories burned and many other diseases. Owning one of these Fitbit devices can really make it easy for you to keep a track of your health. Whoever owned a Fitbit device, might have come across one or the other problems that we have listed below.

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Like any other device many FitBit users from all around the World are having plenty of problems with their FitBit trackers. In this tutorial we are going to explain and try to fix very common issues Fitbit users are using. Quick View and Tap Recognition Issues are being faced by Fitbit users. Hope this tutorial will help you fixing these issues if you are facing them too on your tracker. 

So lets get you started.

Quick View and Tap Recognition Issues

The modern devices are coming with enhanced Quick View feature i.e. the display of your Fitbit device will automatically turn on when you will raise your wrist. Likewise, with tap recognition, you can swipe through your daily stats using a tap instead of the traditional swiping.

Sadly, a number of Fitbit devices are having a problem with their tap recognition and Quick View feature. Below are some potential solutions for these problems.

Quick View Solutions

The first thing that you need to do is check is the Quick view feature is enabled on your Fitbit device. Head to Setting, from there to Account>Tracker and toggle the Quick View on. This will hopefully resolve your problem.

If you are still facing issues with your Quick View, it might be because you are not wearing your Fitbit device on the correct wrist. You need to make sure that the wrist placement is correct. If you are right-handed, choose the right wrist and vice versa. To do this, go to Fitbit app, account, tracker, handedness and check which wrist replacement. Then ensure that you wear it on the same wrist.

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Tap Recognition Solutions:

It is important that you tap in the correct place, Fitbit recommends tapping at the bottom of the display where the band and the tracker meet for faster response. Also, ensure that your tap is neither too hard nor too soft.

If there is a delay between your tap and the device response time, it is perfectly okay. All you have to do is slow down your taping so that the device has efficient time to complete one instruction before following another one.


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