We understand that no matter how long a mobile’s battery last, it is never enough. We are always in search of effective and efficient ways of increasing the battery life without giving up much in terms of performance and other things.

OnePlus 5 has an amazing battery life, because of its efficient processor, lean software and 330mAh battery. However, it still seems less for most of us. In this article, we are going to focus on how to fix the OnePlus 5 Battery life issues.

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Locate the Unnecessarily power-hungry apps

One tends to download a number of apps to further enhance OnePlus 5 experience, but the problem here is that some of these apps are power hungry. They might be the cause of quick battery drainage. You don’t have to worry, there is a solution to this particular problem. All you have to do is locate these apps and then force close them.

Other common battery drainers include full-brightened screen, Wi-Fi, Android System, Cell standby, most of the social media apps and much more. An app, when used frequently, is going to drain a battery, but apps that you haven’t used in the entire day take away the battery isn’t worth it. For instance, you streamed Music on Google Play all day, it is going to drain the battery, but you didn’t use Facebook and still, it took 10 percent of the phone’s battery life. Do you think this is worth it? We don’t think so, the best way to go about this is either force close the unwanted apps or restart your phone.

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Turning Google Play Auto Updates off

Most of us are not concerned regarding a new update of an app, until unless we use that app regularly or it has some bugs that will be fixed in the new update. Whatever the reason is, updating an app means the extra burden on the battery life. You can always toggle off the Google Play Auto Update feature by launching Google Play, then look for the Settings in the Sidebar menu and lastly for the Auto Update apps option. Now disable this option, you can either customize it to work when on Wi-Fi, but to save battery we suggest you turn it off entirely.

Turn on unused Radio

If you think nothing of importance is going to be sent via the internet in the next couple of hours or you won’t be using the internet of Bluetooth. WE suggest you turn off these radios. Turning them off is not going to make a major difference, but then little things do matter at the end. To further cut down things, you should disable the auto Wi-Fi and other network scanning feature from Setting, Locations & Scanning and turn it off under the menu button. The catch here is that doing this will have a negative impact on the app tracking your phone.

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Change Display Settings

Screen brightness has a great impact on the battery life of your phone. The higher the brighter, the faster your phone’s battery is going to be drained. To save battery, try to keep the brightness in check. The best way to go about this is using the Adaptive brightness settings. This will brighten your screen if you are outside your room but will reduce the brightness once you are in a darker place.

Also, enable the Sleep time feature. This will turn off the screen when you are not using it, thus saving some battery life.

Battery Saver Mode

The battery Saver mode does what its name suggests. It saves the battery life of your OnePlus 5 by limiting location services, cutting back vibration, throttling back performance, reducing brightness and stop apps that try to access data in the background. Enabling this mode can really save you the battery life of your phone.

Use Dash Charge

This might not be a tip on how to save the battery life of your OnePlus 5, but it for sure is a life savior, when you have very little time on hand and your phone is about to die out on you. Use the dash charger to get your phone up and about in just 15-30 minutes. The best thing is OnePlus 5 comes with a dash charger, and you can also get some really good ones from the market.

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