MacOS has a feature that lets you open your MAC via Apple watch. This offers security as well as convenience. Users have enjoyed this feature, but it seems there are some who are having trouble with it. Below we have listed some tips, that might resolve this problem. So, give them a shot.

How to fix “Mac unlock with Apple Watch Not Working” Problem

Solution 1: Password Problem

You have rebooted your Mac, it is must for you to re-enter the password, despite the fact that you have enabled the Apple Watch Unlock feature. You might think it to be a bug, but it is not. This is for security purpose. Once you restart, and your Mac goes to sleep or you log out, you can then use your Watch to Unlock.

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Solution 2: Enter Apple Watch Password

You have to enter your Apple Watch password first, this again is done for security and is not a bug. This will ensure that no one can unlock your Mac with an unlocked Apple Watch.

Solution 3: Disable and Enable the Feature

Trying disabling and enabling the feature, from your Mac go to System Preferences, then to Security & Privacy. Now under the General tab, you will see the Allow your Apple Watch to Unlock your Mac option simply uncheck it and then check it again.

Solution 4: Same Apple ID

It is important to sign in with the same Apple ID on both devices. On Mac go to System Preferences, iCloud and verify the ID you are signed in. Now on Apply Watch, go to General, Apple ID and see if it is the same id or not.

Solution 5: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled on Mac

It is imperative for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be enabled on your Mac as without it, Apple watch cannot handshake with your computer, thus it won’t be able to unlock it.

Solution 6: Internet Sharing is off

You need to ensure that internet sharing is off on your computer. To verify go to System Preferences, Sharing and turn it off, if it is enabled.

Solution 7: Apple Watch should be near to your Mac

It is important to keep your watch with in an arm’s range length from your Mac for it to work properly. Long distance might be the reason that your Apple watch is unable to unlock Mac.

Solution 8: Rebooting Everything

When nothing else works, we suggest you reboot both your Apple Watch and Mac. Often rebooting solves the problem.

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