Along with a new mobile, apart from the fact how big the company is, come the little errors and issues of it. So they did with Samsung S8 and S8 plus.

There have been numerous issues and fixes for S8 & S8 plus, most of them were solved by our hard working and industrious team AndroidiOSPack

Some of the Samsung S8 and S8 plus users have been complaining about the lag and UI fluidity issue on their S8 devices since past few days or so.


Samsung knew about the issue and has since been working on it to fix the issue. And they finally have come up with and update. And good news for our readers is that we have brought you the update which is going to solve your lag and UI fluidity issue. Well as it has been said by the the company itself, that it will solve most part of the issue and you shouldn’t have to worry about it after installing the update. 

Samsung has released it’s very famous TouchWiz Home update which is going to fix the lag and UI fluidity issue in Samsung S8 devices. So without further ado update the latest TouchWiz Home by clicking the link below to fix your lag and UI fluidity issues. 


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