Problems with your headphone jack are among the most common issues that smartphone users face. We understand how frustrating it can be especially for people who tend to use their headphones on regular basis. If you are facing an issue with your headphone, we suggest you try out some of the listed potential solutions.

Headphones aren’t broken:

First and foremost, you need to check with if your headphones are broken or not. There is always a possibility that there is nothing wrong with your headphone jack, on the contrary, your headphones might be broken. To ensure whether this is a problem or not, all you have to do is check it by plugging your headphones in another device. It doesn’t mean that it has to be another smartphone, you can even try them on your laptop or TV.

If you are unable to hear the device, it means that there is something wrong with your headphones instead of your headphone jack. In that is not the case, there you need to look for other potential solution as the headphone jack might be the problem.

Also, we suggest that you try a different pair of headphones on your phone if they work, then again, the problem is with your headphones and not the headphone jack. However, if that is not the case, then it surely is the headphone jack that is causing the problem.

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See if your smartphone is connected to some other device via Bluetooth:

There is always a chance that your device is paired with a wireless device via Bluetooth and because of that, your headphones are not working correctly. You should ensure that no device is connected via Bluetooth. To best way to go about is disabling the Bluetooth of your device. Go to Setting, and from there you look for Bluetooth settings and then disable it.

Clean Headphone Jack:

Dust is another thing that can lead to headphone problems. With time dust tends to accumulate in the headphone jack and this can lead to malfunctioning of your headphones. So, cleaning it might resolve this problem. You can see how dirty the jack is by looking into it. Use a flashlight to see inside it. There are different ways of cleaning, start with blowing air into the headphone jack. This might get rid of some of the dust. Another option is using a cotton swab alone or with rubbing alcohol for cleaning the headphone jack.

Restart Device and Check Audio Settings:

Restarting your phone often tends to solve a lot of problems. So, you can try this solution for this problem as well. There is a high possibility that it might work. Also, check your audio settings, like the voice level etc.

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If nothing works, you need to call in for the replacement or warranty program is that is still intact. If It is not, then you can need to contact a repairman. Her she might be able to help.


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