HTC is an excellent mobile manufacturer, but it seems that the company was stumbling for the past few years. However, they did manage to get back in the competition because of their latest flagships. These mobiles offer solid battery life, unique features, attractive design, impressive camera, and top of the line specifications.

Also, to add an extra layer of security, most of the new HTC flagships come with water and dust resistance facility. All the above-mentioned features and much more are incorporated in HTC U11. If you are looking for a smartphone that has everything to offer, we suggest you get your hands on this amazing piece of technology.

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There is no doubt that HTC U11 is an outstanding phone, but like any other smartphone, U11 also has problems. There are a number of issues that are being repeatedly reported by users. In this article, we have rounded up some solutions for the problem of headphone jacks that do not work on HTC U11. So, let’s get started!

Headphone Jack not working

HTC is known for its outstanding audio experience including USB-C USonic earphones. It seems that when the company decided to remove the headphone jack, a number of other issues came into existence. A 3.5 mm adapter is not available so if you want to use regular headphones you can, but it seems that users have had trouble doing so. Secondly, using regular headphones while listening to music of watching video means you cannot charge your phone at the same time. This is a troublesome thing for several users.

Potential Solutions

  • For the first problem, i.e. the headphone jack adapter isn’t working. You need to keep a number of things in your mind. For starters, you need to update your firmware if it isn’t already. The first time you connect your adapter, it will give you a notification stating that the firmware needs to update. In case you have canceled that, you can easily do by official HTC website and use the HTC Audio Jack Adapter Toolkit for managing the adapter.
  • In case you do not get the update notification the first time you connect the adapter, we suggest that you delete the app. Restart your phone and try again. It often takes a couple of tries before it really works.
  • When it comes to the second option, we regret to inform you that there aren’t many options available. You can try using a Bluetooth to connect your headset or you can buy a hub with multiple USB-C ports. A hub will let you charge your phone as well lets you connect the headphones. However, there aren’t many reliable able available out there. We just hope that HTC realizes this problem and they are able to resolve this issue in their upcoming flagship smartphones.
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