Google has jumped into the smartphone race just few months ago with their own mobiles Pixel and Pixel XL. Both mobiles have been designed by Google itself, are meant to give direct and a tough competition to existing leading smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple.The way it was launched and all the hype which was created just before the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL mobiles must have given a clear warning signs to Apple and Samsung.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL was launched, it was widely admired due to its features, color schemes and many other reasons. But like every other top brand mobiles, Google Pixel and Pixel XL have issues as well. In this article we are going to address a very common issue user are facing in Google Pixel mobiles. 

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Some of the users have complain about delayed notification problem in Google Pixel mobiles. Users complain about receiving delayed notifications on their Google mobiles. Some are receiving after few hours and some even next day. It could happen due to the various messaging apps like whats app, viber etc running at the back. We bring you short and simple fix to this problem. So lets get started.

How to fix delayed notification issue on Google Pixel:

Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with special Active Doze Mode feature which helps save Google Pixel battery. And it might be causing the delayed notification issue in Google Pixel mobiles. You will have to update the apps like Gmail, Whatsapp, Viber etc, and that could solve this issue. Until there are no updates available for those apps, you are better off taking the apps off the optimization.

Below are few step which will help you to take off the troubled apps from optimization process until there is an update available for them.

Step 1- Go to your Google Pixel mobile settings.

Step 2- Click on three dots on top right corner to go into your device’s battery settings.

Step 3- Tap on Battery Optimization option.

Step 4- A drop down option menu will open titled “All Apps” 

Step 5- Click on All Apps, go to the app you want to stop optimizing and tap on “Don’t Optimize” 

That’s it. Hopefully this will help you fix your delaying notification problem. 

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