LG G5 is an excellent smartphone, it was the first device to come with an all metal constructions. The phone has a lot to offer, however, there are a number of issues that an LG G5 user faces and camera issues in LG G5 is one of the main issue users face. 

Camera issues:

People are having trouble using the camera of LG G5, they say either it crashes down or is unable to focus. In this short and very simple tutorial we are going to explain you how to fix this issue. It could be causing due to various reason so below are the potential solution we think might help solve these errors. So lets get you started with the solving your camera issues in LG G5.

Potential Solutions:

  • Most of these problems have started occurring once user updated to the latest Android Nougat. If you haven’t updated, we suggest you wait for a stable update.
  • Try cleaning the cache of your phone by going to settings> App Manager> Camera and look for Force stop. Once you find that tap on it and then clear the data lastly clear your cache. Got to Setting, from there head to General, then to the Storage section and look for cached data to wipe it.
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  • Run a hardware diagnostic by dialing *#5463683*XXX#, here the triple x is the model number of your phone. In case this code not work it means that the hidden menu of your network has a different code. Look for that code on Google.
  • It is a software issue, however, if you are unable to resolve it. There is a possibility it might be due to faulty hardware your best shot is the replacement program.



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