We know that the company no longer produces Nexus series, all thanks to Pixel, but the series did come up with outstanding phones. Nexus 6P is an example of their exemplary work. If you already own the device or you find it at a disconnected price, we suggest you get your hands on it. It is a powerful and effective smartphone due to its top of the line camera, high-end specs, solid build quality and classy design.

Nexus 6P is bound to provide you a with an outstanding Android experience. This is perhaps one of the best phones that were released back in 2015. Despite all these years, it still is one of the best phones, you can get your hands on.

Like all other smartphones, Nexus is no exception. It also has its own issues and in this article, we are going to focus on one of the issue users having been facing from all around the World. And the issue is  Nexus 6P auto rotate not working problem. Lets talk about the issue and it’s potential solution.

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Auto Rotate not Working

Among the most common problems that Google Nexus users are facing is the auto rotate problem. It seems after weeks of using the phone, it stops to rotate. The issue occurs across all apps including thirdly-party as well as inbuilt apps. Users complain that they face this issue especially when they are using the camera, watching videos or playing games.

Potential Solutions

There is a possibility that a rouge app might be causing this problem. You can verify that by booting your phone into the safe mode. Check if the problem still persists, if it doesn’t it means that there is an app that is responsible for it. Uninstall any recently added apps before you started facing the problem.

Another reason bedding this problem can be faulty G-sensor and accelerator. You should download an app such as the GPS & Status Toolbox to check if the problem is with the above mentioned factors. If this is the problem, that it is a hardware issue and only the company fix this problem, so you would have to apply for the replacement program.

Users have been using third-party apps for this problem as well. One good app is the Rotation control, it lets you manually trigger rotation switch. If the problem resolves with the help of a third-party app, it means it is a software issue and the next update will come with a permanent fix.

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