Samsung has been known for coming up with phones that would leave you in an awe. Every year their latest flagship device is the most awaited smartphone in the world. This year they have done it again. Their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another amazing device. People around the globe have been eagerly waiting for it. But like any other smartphone, Samsung Note 8 is also having problems.

We believe that Note 8 is a worthy replacement for Note 7 due to its 6.3 display and dual cameras. Since it is a smartphone and technology is never perfect so this is pretty expected. Still in the start most of the users wont be facing any issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but then again it’s just a smartphone and millions of people buy them and very few of them always have some sort of issues.Factory resetting the Note 8 could solve many issues but there are few which might need more than that. Like the one with Samsung Note 8 app not being fit on full screen of Galaxy Note 8. 

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The phone comes with a 6.3 inch display with 18:6 aspect ratio. Several people have complained regarding the full screen problem. They say that some of the apps are not working well with the big screen. The sleek and slim design might be easy to hold, but it for sure isn’t that compatible with apps. The apps that are not compatible tend to have a black bar at the top and at the bottom. Although most apps tend to fit the screen well, but if you come across one you don’t have to worry . We have a solution to this problem.

The Solution:

Step 1. You need to launch the Setting app from there tap on the Display.

Step 2. Look for option ‘Full Screen Apps and tap on it.

Step 3. Select the apps that are not selected and turn on the full screen app.

Step 4. Doing this will automatically scale to 18:5:9 aspect ratio and the app will be displayed on the entire screen.

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samsung galaxy note 8 apps not on full screen problem note 8 issues and fixes

Another way is that when you see an app that is not fully displayed on the screen, you should hit the recent apps button and then click on the green expand icon.

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