Apple Music is the best way to listen to all the latest songs and enjoy them from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad or even Mac. The issue with Mac, however, is that many people have experienced a complete absence of Apple Music when they open iTunes on their Mac.

The issue at hand can be caused by an unselected option while setting your Apple Music or a bug that might have occurred. Whatever the cause may be, the solution is not a complicated one and can be resolved in a few minutes if only you know where to go and what to select or unselect.

How to fix ‘Apple Music not showing in iTunes’ on Mac:

Step 1- First of all you will have to open iTunes in your Mac.

Step 2- You will see ‘iTunes’ in the menu bar, tap on that and then tap on ‘Preferences’.

Step 3- There you have to select the ‘General’ tab.

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Step 4 (option a)- In case the ‘Show Apple Music features’ box is unselected, you will have to select that by checking the box. It is better that you select the ‘iCloud Music Library’ box as well just to be on the safer side and sparing you the irritation in future. Lastly, you will have to click ‘OK’ for saving your newly set preferences.

Step 4 (option b)- In case the ‘Show Apple Music features’ box is selected before hand, you shall unselect it and click on ‘OK’ and then follow Steps 2, 3, and 4 (option a).


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