Collection of Battle Stars is an endless challenge which the players get to hold of in different locations in every week’s challenges. We are here to bring you the guide to Fortnite week 8 challenge of battle star. In this week’s challenge the battle stars are to be found among three giant oversized seats which are not quite easily located. The players can start sharpening their detection skills and follow the guide we have made for you below.

Now to start your Fortnite week 8 challenge of battle star, Flush factory should be your first location for spotting oversized toilet seat. You will be finding the battle star near Flush Factory but you also should be keeping an eye to your six for snipers and other rivals who will try to outdo you.

The second location is to the northwest of Flush Factory where the players would come across oversized wooden chair which is completely noticeable even from far away.

The main challenge in Fortnite week 8 challenge of battle star, is locating the last oversized seat which is not nearly as easy as the other two gigantic seats. You would be taking the direction of northeast from flush factory and reach a yard. There would be a large pile of crates in that yard and that itself is the last oversized seat you are looking for. The crates are actually piled up in the shape of a large seat.

Lastly you would have to make a combination of all these three locations and find the battle star on the hilltop. This would be not easy but all the effort would be worth it.

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