Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone producing brands and its flagships are always magnificent may it be the latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S7. It is a smartphone packed with all the brilliant specs and features and is in no way any less than its big brother apart from changes in design and some technology.

With apps getting stronger and more resource demanding, the main problem Samsung Galaxy S7 users are facing is the slowing down of the device which is inevitable. S7 comes with TouchWiz and it affects the overall system and reduces its operating speed. The animations in transitioning between windows and turning on and off the device also takes up a lot of system resources and thus result in a slow device.

How to fasten up Samsung Galaxy S7 with an internal hack:

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1 First of all go to Settings >> About device and scroll down to ‘Build number’ and tap on it five times. ‘Developer mode has been enabled’ notification shall appear.

2 Now go to Developer options in Settings and scroll down to the ‘Drawing’ section.

3 Here you have to change the scale of Animator duration scale, Window animation scale and Transition animation scale.

4 You would have to reduce the scale of each of the above mentioned options individually and set it at 0.5x whereas the default setting is 1.0x. You also can turn the animations off altogether.


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