Samsung has been known for coming up with phones that would leave you in an awe. Every year their latest flagship device is the most awaited smartphone in the world. This year they have done it again. Their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another amazing device. People around the globe have been eagerly waiting for it. But like any other smartphone, Samsung Note 8 is also having problems.

We believe that Note 8 is a worthy replacement for Note 7 due to its 6.3 display and dual cameras. Since it is a smartphone and technology is never perfect so this is pretty expected. Still in the start most of the users wont be facing any issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but if you do Factory Resetting your device would be a most suitable and easiest way to solve any issue. In this article below we are going to give you short and comprehensive tutorial on how to factory reset you Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device. 

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Factory Resetting deletes all your data from your Note 8 device, also all the applications which you have do installed on your device will also be deleted, also your messages, calls logs and all the content which was save on your device will also be deleted. 

How to Factory Reset Samsung Note 8:

Step 1- First of all you need to backup all your date from your device.

Step 2- Make sure you have a sufficient battery life left on your device.

Step 3- Go to you device’s Settings.

Step 4- Tab General Manager option in your device settings.

Step 5- Select Reset option in your device sittings.

Step 6- It will take few minutes to reset your mobile and your Note 8 will be good as new. 

Hopefully that will solve few issues you may be facing with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 

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