Allo is a messaging service provided by Google, it comes packed with several features, it is exciting and thrilling. Since the service is relatively new, there are many things that one is unaware. This is what we plan to redeem, in this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about Allo.

To serve up the contextual suggestion, Google Assistant tends to use Allo- the smart messaging service. There is an assistant that exists within Allo, you can play games, tell jokes and do much more with it. Besides this, Allo can provide you with score update, weather update and suggest contextual replies in conversations. Next time when you are looking for something witty to come up with, we suggest you let Allo handle the situation.

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Setting up Allo

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, we suggest you get onto it.Click here to get Play Store download link. Once downloaded, use your phone number to get registered and then add a little information. The setup of Allo app is complete now, let’s move forward and learn how to use its numerous features.

Allo and Text Messages

To make things clear, App isn’t a replacement app for Google Talk, you can’t simply set it as your default messaging service. You can send a message via this app, but the other person should have Allo installed too. The messages that you send to other clients through Allo are rooted through Google servers. The main objective of Allo is not acting as an SMS service, it is more like Whatsapp than iMessage.

At the moment, Allo is available only for mobile phones, it is rumored that a desktop version is on its way. But the release date has yet not been confirmed. Since a phone number is required to get registered, so the app is limited to one device at a time.

Features of Allo

Allo has numerous features and these features make it different when compared to other messaging services available. Incorporation of Google Assistant alone takes the service to a whole new level, as Google Assistant offers reply suggestions, contextual information within chats, emoji parties and much more. The assistant is always running in the back, so you can use it whenever the mood strikes. Within the chat window, you can check out nearby places including movies, restaurants, events and other attractions.

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Allo has the incognito feature as well. No longer do you have to delete information once you are done talking, incognito mode, your chat is safe. If you think words are not enough, you can always opt for the large variety of stickers available. Don’t forget to enjoy the duo calls feature of Allo.

Traveling with Allo

Allo is tied to your phone number, but that does not mean that you can’t use it when you are traveling. You can easily take out your SIM card and still enjoy Allo services. Everything will work, only if you don’t activate Allo on any other device with the same number.

Why should you use Allo

The app definitely has a lot to offer, since it debutant, there have been 100 million installs and the number is increasing every day. The outstanding features, amazing stickers, and cool interface are the strong points of the app, however, lack of the desktop version is perhaps a draw back. Since Google is working on it, this issue will be gone soon too. Allo is the feature of text messaging. You will love everyone moment of it. Do install and let us know, what do you think? Do you think it is worth the hype or not?

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