Apple watch is perhaps one of the best products of Apple, the watch is like a tiny computer attached to your wrist. Like anyone computer that is susceptible to software hiccups, Apple watch is also prone to get affected. If that happens, then you would have to fully restore the WatchOS operating system for future’s smooth performance.

The sad news is that it is very difficult for a normal Apple watch user to restore the watch. There many complicated steps involve and the best possible way to go about this dilemma is that you schedule an appointment with the nearest Apple Store. The customer representative there is going to be your knight in the shining armor. The main reason behind this is that what if the problem you are currently facing won’t be resolved by factory resetting your watch. So, the company tries to locate the problem first before resetting your phone.

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The watch does lack the lightning port that is required to get your watch to iTunes, however, it does come with the hidden six-pin diagnostic port. This port is meant for service technicians and it is located in the groove of the bottom strap connector slot. For people who are looking for a way to connect their watch to their computer using a standard lightning cable are in for a treat. The MFC’s unofficial iBus dongle is what you are looking for. Using this $100 dongle, you will be able to connect your first generation watch to a computer and restore it. For the Series 2 Models, you would have to purchase the $120 dongle.

Since Apple does not offer the files needed for restoring your watch publicly, so you need to download and install the certain firmware. These software will get you, what you are looking for.

Entering the DFU Mode on Apple Watch

Below we have provided the complete guideline on how to enter the DFU mode on Apple Watch.

  1. Start with removing the strap that is located at the bottom side of your Apple Watch Case.
  2. Take a sewing needle and place that in the port hole. Don’t apply to much pressure as you would have done in the case of opening the sim card try, on the contrary, keep a gentle hand. To pop the cover of the port, you would have to apply downward pressure all the while pole-vaults the needle.
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  1. Once you are done, the next step is to connect watch’s diagnostics port with the iBUS dongle.
  2. Take a lighting cable, connect it’s one end to iBUS dongle and the other end to your computer via USB port.
  3. Then open iTunes on your computer, if it doesn’t automatically launch.
  4. Switch off your Apple watch and wait till it boots.
  5. To enter the DFU mode, you would have to press and hold the Side button along with the Digital crown button for about 10 seconds. Then you should let go of the Side button, but keep pressing the Digital Crown until you see the greeting on iTunes stating that you have entered Apple Watch’s DFU mode.
  6. The video below will provide show you a detailed way of restoring your Apple Watch. Also, you might be asked to select the firmware file (.IPSW) for restoring your watchOS.

Note: Since installing anything from this via the diagnostic port of your Cable, will void your warranty. So, you should proceed at your own risk.

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